Charge Air Pressure Too Low in Turbochargers

Possible Turbocharger-Related Causes

  • Heavily fouled filter silencer.
  • Compressor fouled.
  • Compressor damaged.
  • Turbine blade damaged.
  • Nozzle ring damaged.
  • Cover ring eroded.

Possible Non-Turbocharger-Related Causes

  • Turbine back pressure too high.
  • Air/Gas leaks.
  • Ambient pressure of engine room reduced.
  • Defective manometer indication.

Damage Limitation Procedures

  • If the above is noticed please contact our service team.

Service and Spares Information

  • Clean Filter silencer. Reconditioning maybe required and replacement of filter mat.
  • Clean compressor wheels.
  • Dynamic balancing of turbine shaft complete may be required.
  • If required following experienced turbocharger technician inspection. Replace nozzle ring.

For further analysis of your problem please contact us on +44 23 8086 1000 for the TSI Turbo Service International 24-hour Breakdown Emergency Control Centre or email us at

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