Loss of Lube Oil in Turbochargers

Possible Turbocharger-Related Causes

  • Sealing bush damaged or worn.
  • Sealing air blocked.
  • Leaks from gasket of bearing space cover.
  • Oil level too high.
  • Oil pressure too high (MAN turbochargers).
  • Casing defect.

Possible Non-Turbocharger-Related Causes

  • Blocked sealing air channel.
  • Oil pressure too high.

Damage Limitation Procedures

  • Keep close observation.
  • Re-fill oil to maintain correct oil level.
  • Seek Technical assistance by experienced turbocharger company as soon as possible.

Service and Spares Information

  • Seek technical assistance
  • Replace the sealing bush.
  • Clean accordingly.
  • Replace the gasket.
  • Fill oil not exceeding the maximum fill level.

For further analysis of your problem please ring +44 23 8086 1000 for the Turbo Service International 24-hour Breakdown Emergency Control Centre

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