Vibration and Extraneous Noises in Turbochargers

Possible Turbocharger-Related Causes

  • Rotor imbalance due to heavy dirt deposits.
  • Rotor parts damaged.
  • Bearing defect.
  • Rotor rubbed.
  • Distorted shaft.
  • Incorrect installation of Turbocharger.

Damage Limitation Procedures

  • Make sure there no abnormal operations like rubbing, touching or severe vibration.
  • Check for deposits in lube oil chamber.

Service and Spares Information

  • Clean and dynamic balancing.
  • Replace accordingly. Dynamic balancing is necessary. Some of rotor parts such as inducer, impeller, blades or damping wires etc. may be required.
  • Replace with a reconditioned or new bearing. Bearings are replaced when their time life is due.
  • Fix accordingly. Rotor parts might be needed. Dynamic balancing is required.
  • Replace the shaft. Dynamic balancing is needed. In many cases a damaged shaft can be machined and hot metal sprayed to restore it to manufacturers original size.
  • Please fill out engine matching form to enable us to check engine/ turbocharger match. There is no charge for this service.

For further analysis of your problem please ring +44 23 8086 1000 for the Turbo Service International 24-hour Breakdown Emergency Control Centre

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